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Life is labs.
Celebrating life with America's favorite dog!

Life is labs is a celebration of over years of living and working with Labrador Retrievers... From its crazy antics to its endearing personality to its loveable nature, the Labrador Retriever is clearly America's dog! 
The journey began in the mid-90's when my late husband and I were raising and training Labrador Retrievers for competition, sport and companionship.  We had a nack for training and started our boarding and training business by accident even though we both had other careers.  We started the business in 1996.  Even from the start, it only made sense to take care of dogs in need.  We had the space, time and resources to be a great refuge for dogs in need.  Even from the mid-90's, we always had 4-6 dogs here at any given time for adoption.
My late husband, Joie, was going to veterinary school starting in 2003 and I had left my career to stay home and operate our business in 1999.  So we were plugging right along and things were going great.  We were excited about our future and had a dream of opening a "one-stop" shop for dogs.  A place where people could bring their dogs to do everything -- boarding, training, veterinary, activities, sports...  And where we could have an adoption, rehab and sanctuary facility for dogs in need.  We were so excited.
Unfortunately, Joie passed away unexpectedly in late 2007 less than a year after graduating veterinary school.  It was a huge blow to me and our business.  And for a while, I really just wanted to give it all up and run away.
But thanks to the support of family, friends and clients, I realized that we had a really great facility and it didn't deserve to be abandoned, nor did our dream.  It took a few years to get back in the groove.  In 2010, after having some minor struggles with the economy over the past three years, I realized that we needed some help supporting the now 10-12 rescue dogs that we had in our care.  Our monthly expenses for them were close to $1000.  So we started the rescue formally in order to take donations and garner support for our rescue efforts.
Now, two years later, we are back on track with my and Joie's dream.  We are short a veterinarian (and would love to have someone on board!), but we recently purchased 24 acres just 20 miles from Atlanta and have all kinds of wonderful plans for a retreat for people, their dogs and dogs in need.  We are so thankful you've come to our page to learn about our rescue and we hope you'll join us in saving more dogs!
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Kristie Wilder
Executive Director
Life is labs Rescue, Inc.
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